Thursday, May 15, 2008


I've never had a nickname. I always wanted one. My mother took pains when naming each of us to ensure that our names were too short to be shortened, and I guess I never had an outstanding characteristic that encouraged anyone to call me as they saw me.

For a brief moment in college I was known as Ogg, the Dinosaur Tamer. Very brief. No one ever actually called me that, I was just printed on the back of a T-shirt as such. I was typesetter for my college newspaper. The room I did my work in was a closet ( about 4x6, no windows, one door). How it became the dinosaur closet I have no recollection, but as it was, I became Ogg, the Dinosaur Tamer.

A friend of mine started her blog about a year ago, I just recently found out she had one and have been reading catch-up. She is a fantastic writer and I know I can't compete, but it looks like fun, so here I am . . .

. . . welcome to my blog.


mags said...

It's so nice to meet you, Ogg! Do you use a stool and whip to tame dinosaurs, like lion tamers do?

Color me curious!

Early said...

Please leave our stool and whip out of this ;)

Janie said...

What color is curious?

mags said...

Um, ew?

Kinda like pomegranate. Only more muted.