Friday, January 14, 2011

Bleeding onto the screen

I have searched my archives for something to put on here, something mostly finished that just needs a little polish. Nada. Zip. Zilch. So I am forced to start from scratch and to be honest . . . I got nothin’.

I haven’t blogged in awhile. Life has definitely got in the way. The busyness of the holidays has combined with my general funk about the condition of our world and other things and left me with nothing encouraging, humorous or engaging to say.

I keep telling myself, this too shall pass, but it has been with me for several months and its hold doesn’t seem to be lifting in the slightest.

Having a three-year old constantly at my elbow doesn’t help my ability to focus and complete sentences. I look for a time of the day to write when he’s otherwise occupied, but then I need sleep too. Liam giving up his nap altogether was the death of my blog. I am hoping to breathe new life into it soon. I miss it.

An occurrence in October really took the wind from my sails and I have been trying since then to get it back. I discovered a fellow blogging friend of mine, someone whose opinions I value, has stopped reading my blog. You know the little traffic feed is cool, it shows you who is reading, well, it also shows you who is not. I don’t understand. I feel incredibly hurt. I keep asking myself, was she the only person I was writing for? The answer has to be no, so I’m trying to make it no.

So I ask my remaining readers, geez I hope there are some, to bear with me while I work through this. I know things will get better. Please keep checking this page. I am struggling to get back to it.