Sunday, April 19, 2009

Liam, The Great

I have made a discovery recently. I’m sure others know this, but until recently, I didn’t. There is something incredible about watching your child learn new things.

A few days ago Liam brought me one of my shoes. Just kidding around, I said to him, “OK, where’s the other one.” Three seconds later here he comes with the other shoe. He also knows where his shoes belong. When you take them off him, if you hand them to him, he will take them and put them away. I know this is a temporary thing, as he gets older he will never put his shoes nor anything else away, but right now it is terribly cute.

For Christmas we got him a stuffed beehive with 10 little bees. He immediately took all the bees out of the hive and threw the hive in the corner. He’s been hauling the bees around in a little red wagon for months. This afternoon while I was sewing, here he came with the hive and sat down in the middle of the room and industriously put all the bees back into the hive.

This morning I was picking up toys and straightening the house preparing to vacuum. He had spent most of the week emptying his sock drawer and carrying handfuls of socks all over the upstairs. Don’t ask me why, I do not know. At any rate as I came across various socks mixed in with the toys, I handed them to Liam and told him to put them back in the drawer. At first he just threw them down, but a little while later I noticed the socks were gone. I checked and sure enough, they were back in the drawer where they belonged.

When our weather finally broke a couple weeks ago, we all went outside to do some yard work. I was pruning the raspberry bushes and I could hear Liam on the deck singing: “La La La La.” I walked around the corner of the house so I could see him and he was holding a stick up to his mouth. Cracked me up. I couldn’t wait to show Chris. I brought Liam around to the front of the house and told Chris Liam was playing with a stick. His response was, “Is it a sword?” I said, “No even better than that; it’s a microphone!”

Liam is starting to talk:
He calls me “Mum” and calls Chris “Ada.”
He says “Bump, bump, bump.”
He says “E-o.” It took us awhile to decipher this one, but it is “Liam.”
He says “Duck.” This one is dangerous. I told Chris, we are really going to have to watch our language now.
He doesn’t say yes or no, but he does says something that passes for yes. I don’t know how really to write it out, but you can tell when he says it, it is yes.
It is very obvious sometimes he is repeating whatever you say right back to you. It doesn’t sound quite like what you have said, but the tone and inflection will be spot on.

I know everyone’s kid is the brightest and the best, but mine is, too.


Doozyanner said...

Oh this made me smile. :-) What a fun, fun much to learn. It will just keep getting better and better, and I'm glad you're writing things down. I used to think I would remember all the brilliant, amusing, and yes, odd things my kids did, but memory can be tricky.

maggie said...

That is so cool, Janie. I love seeing your boy through your eyes ... and I can't wait to see him through my own!

Love you all.

CMR said...

I loved reading about "Duck." (Pretty soon he'll say "ole shee" and you'll smack CJE around.) :-D

It will, of course, get to the point where you'll swear on a stack of Bibles that he has no idea where ANYthing goes. But that's then -- be sure to savor now.