Thursday, August 13, 2009

Being a mom is full of surprises

Last night when I was heading to bed, I made my usual trip down the hall to check on Liam. The door to his room wouldn’t open and it took me just a second to realize why. He was sound asleep on the floor right behind the door. I was tempted to just leave him there, but he had no covers and would have gotten very cold long before morning.

What to do?

I eased the door open just as far as it would go, knelt down and reached through the crack (it was just wide enough). I was able to gently roll him over which then gave me just enough room to slip through the door myself. I gathered him up, along with all the critters he sleeps with, and laid him back in his bed. He never even stirred. Whew!

Generally, after Liam goes to bed each night the adventure for the day has ended . . . but not always.


Doozyanner said...

Oh my, what a boy! I'm so glad I got to see him the other day and get a toddler fix--his hugs are the best! :-) (Welcome back to blogging!)

mags said...

So sweet. I pictured it in my head like I was watching a movie, and it almost made me cry as the ending credits rolled!