Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lessons in Liamese

When Liam was first starting to talk he told me one day he didn’t want “gox on his beets (socks on his feet).”

When we got ready to leave the house one day last week it was raining. Liam informed me: “Mom, it’s raining, we need a willa (umbrella).” Which is funny enough, but the fact that I have a sister named Willa makes it hysterical.

Breakfast is the meal Liam is most likely to eat all of. His favorite breakfast is “lala bean.” Believe it or not this translates to: a banana and lime (green) yogurt.

For whatever reason when Liam came along, CJE and I started using the term nappy to refer to diapers. Liam has difficulty with Ns followed by As, so when asked if he needs his nappy changed his response is almost always: “No, it’s a good happy.”

Liam has taken to dawdling interminably over meals lately and when encouraged to eat his response is invariably, “I have a buffalo (mouthful).”

Liam loves movies. He calls “Avatar” the “blue kitties” and has asked to watch it every day for the past month.

Last time Liam was taking a tubby he played in the water an inordinate amount of time. When he finally agreed to get out, in some distress he showed me his hands. I said, “Your hands are all wrinkly and pruney.” He said, “Yes, like BaamMa (Grandma).”

Liam tracked me down in the bathroom a few days ago and informed me: “Mom, I have feet!” I said, “Yes, you do have feet. You have two of them. Where did you get those feet?” He thought for just a quick second and said, “Mal-Mart.” I’m going to let you figure that one out for yourself.


Odie Langley said...

When my grandsons are over to see and they are 2 & 4. Sometimes I have to get my daughter to translate a lot of what they say. You are definately not alone. I think it is so cute.

Doozyanner said...

Adorable. In a few years you will be glad you wrote these all down. I always thought I would remember the funny/cute/clever things my kids said...but memory is a tricky thing!