Thursday, February 10, 2011

Having a tough week

Liam woke us between one and two Monday morning gasping for air and coughing up mucous and blood. He had a low-grade fever and at first said his mouth hurts, but now tells me in a very raspy little voice that his throat hurts.

Needless to say, Monday was a really long day. I couldn’t get him into the doctor until Tuesday. Doc says it is not strep, but suspects some other bacteria at work. So Liam will be taking an antibiotic for a few days.

This threw my week in the toilet. Whatever work I thought I was going to get done is waiting for next week. No way could he go to the sitter’s like this. Now that he’s been on antibiotics for more than 24 hours, he is no longer contagious, but he is still a very miserable little boy. I did see some improvement yesterday. He seemed to have a bit more energy and actually ate a little something, plus the off-and-on, low-grade fever seemed to be more off than on.

I honestly thought I was accomplishing nothing on the days I was home with Liam, now I know better. Sick boys, big or little, are very whiny and demanding. We have done a lot of movie watching and napping in chairs, sofas and beds all over the house. He doesn’t want me out of his sight, so sitting at the computer working is out of the question. He will barely let me go to the bathroom.

Since I haven’t gotten more than about three hours of sleep in any one of the past four nights, I figure I’m the one mostly likely to come down with this next. Oh joy.

So it hasn’t been a real fun week. I’ve gone flying out the door the last two evenings the moment CJE walked in so I can get some work done somewhere. This means no dinner as a family (Liam wasn’t eating anyway) and no chance to sit and talk with my husband.

Many things combined to not make me a very happy camper.

On the plus side . . .

Yes, I am trying to find a plus side here.

On the plus side:

    1) I have had lots of cuddle time with Liam. We have snuggled and snoozed in almost every chair and bed in the house. He is a sweet, cuddly little boy at the best of times and when he is sick . . . even more so.

    2) It has been extremely quiet around our house this week. Liam has been unable to talk above a whisper since get up on Monday. I have to admit I do love the sound of silence. Having Liam be sick to get it makes the trade off not so good, however.

Needless to say we are eagerly looking forward to next week.


Odie Langley said...

Hope he gets better quickly and your life get back to normal so you can resume family time.

Doozyanner said...

So sorry Liam is sick--no fun for anyone! Hang in there, and be sure you're drinking lots of water...and remembering to breathe...

mags said...

Just getting caught up ... and wow, the poor little guy! I love your gracious ability to find the silver lining. It's one of your most beautiful gifts.