Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"String too short to use"

10) A good friend sent me a book to read. I read it. I didn’t care for it and have reasons why I didn’t. I do appreciate her sending the book. Do I give her my honest opinion about the book? Or do I just send it back with no comment?

9) We are in the process of mucking out and putting half of our belongings into storage. I know it is true for most everyone, but still it surprises me the accumulation of stuff we have. We are donating piles and piles to a local thrift store, but still there is a lot for storage.

8) Made a cute little round purse in my sewingroom recently. It is a pattern I want to use for one of my five this year. I found the pattern to be a bit tricky as by the time you get to the final seams that attach the front and back to the sides the overall thickness is considerable. I am now studying the pattern to determine if there is a better way to finish the purse and avoid this unwieldy thickness.

7) January is finally over. January is always a crazy-busy month for me and this year was no exception. I actually think it was crazier than ever before, or maybe my memory is failing. Between having almost a whole week of snow days and trying to keep up with my four-year old, I have reached the end of January both mentally and physically exhausted. And, unfortunately, no real recovery time in sight. Damn.

6) I hope my faithful readers, if I have any, haven’t completely given up on me. I know it has been a long time since I have written anything. I read several blogs that are shared. First one person writes and then another, so the blog has new postings every day but no one person has to be on top of the ball each and every day. Hummm. Something to think about, although I don’t share all that well.

5) They tell me the groundhog will come out tomorrow and have a look around. I wouldn’t mind a shorter winter this year, so can we get that message to ol’ Pace Picante Phil?

4) My son is rapidly outgrowing his toddler bed. This breaks my heart as his Granddad, my dad, made it for him. Dad died 3½ years ago and Liam only remembers him because we show him pictures and talk to him about his Granddad. We are putting the bed in storage, but I wish we didn’t have to. He is growing so very fast.

3) Just going to give a little nibble about the new quilt I started. Naturally it is for Liam’s soon to be new twin bed. This quilt is a step out of my coordinated-color comfort zone. It is quite unique and I am having loads of fun with it. I have started a blog entry to tell more about it and post some pictures. Stay tuned. Aren’t I a tease?

2) I am doing the pay-it-forward on facebook again this year. I had so much fun with it last year, I just had to do it again. I only have one person from last year that managed to get on again this year, so I have an almost  whole new crop of friends to make something homemade for. I have ideas and two projects cut out already. Yea!

1) If you could have known someone as a child that you now know, who would it be?


Doozyanner said...

Hurray! January is over and you have a moment to blog. Glad for you! 10. The book...say thanks, and if asked what you thought say what you think but kindly. I have done that in the past--steered the conversation to other topics, after sincerely thanking the person for sharing. 9. I understand about clearing out and putting things into storage. I honestly don't miss any of my "stuff" that is packed away. Both of my kids have gone shopping at Mom's storage unit and I am really ok with that. (I seem to be accumulating "stuff" on this side of the world--what's up with that?) 8. The round purse is cute (and I love the fabric--ha!). 7. Every profession has its busy times--glad you made it through January all in one piece. 6. Shared blog...hmmm...nah. 5. For once, I am not affected by a rodent seeing or not seeing his shadow. I'm enjoying the cooler temps in the desert, but it won't last for long! 4. Oh, Liam! Slow down! You're growing up too fast! 3. Did Liam choose the color scheme? Can't wait to see it! 2. I almost jumped in on that one, but don't have time to sew, and mailing packages is a hassle. When I return...1. Great question! What came to mind was the desire to go back to my childhood and tell shy little Doozyanner that she was smart, kind and loveable and that she'd have a wonderful life, and it wouldn't matter that her eyesight was poor or that she was on the serious side and took everything literally. :-) Happy February, Janie!

Doozyanner said...

Oh, and your Live Traffic Feed cracks me up. It says I came via Bloomington, Illinois, but my VPN is connected to Seattle!