Sunday, July 28, 2013

String to short to use

10) May 2012: We put our house on the market.

9) July 2012: We find the house we want to live in for the rest of our lives.

8) August 2012: My husband’s father is diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.

7) October 2012: Our offer on the house we want to live in forever expires. The owners give us a six-month extension.

6) January 2013: We receive a low but negotiable offer on our house. After a couple weeks of back and forth, the offer becomes a bit more viable and we accept.

5) early March 2013: My mother is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

4) mid March 2013: The new owners close on our house. In the meantime a shingle blows off the roof of the garage and a soon-to-be-ex neighbor tries to throw a wrench in the whole deal. We move all our belongings into storage, our pets into a local kennel and our homeless bodies into a friend’s motor home.

3) late March 2013: My mother begins treatment for cancer. We travel to the house I grew up in to prepare it for market and get Mom ready to move.

2) early April 2013: We get her house on the market and Mom moves to Kansas City to live with my oldest sister. We close on our new house on the same day my father-in-law dies. With the help of a couple of long-time friends and my husband’s co-workers we move all our stuff from storage to the new place.

1) mid April 2013: My husband flies to Chicago for his dad’s funeral while I am furiously unpacking boxes in an attempt to make this house a home.

Welcome to my nightmare. Now you know why I have not written in quite some time. I am still reeling from the stress of it all. HELP!

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Maggie said...

Okay, so I'm a little behind. (Which does not, of course, mean that I have a little behind.) Anyway, in my catching up, I thought of you and yikes, what a year+ you've had! Hope you are settling in and feeling the love. I'm sending extra your way!