Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"String too short to use"

10) Small boys who are not quite walking can sure get into a lot of stuff. One moment Liam’s here, the next he has disappeared and when he gets too quiet, I’d better be beatin’ feet to wherever he has gotten to.

9) Fall is here. It is my favorite season. Even though I have a lot of work to do in my flower beds before winter sets in. Yike! What a mess they are from being ignored from May until September. But around here it is just too blessed hot to even think about gardening in the dead of summer.

8) I love my work. The only thing I have to take with me to accomplish my work is my brain. Unfortunately, some days that’s a taller order than others. Today . . . nearly impossible, but it is the first of the month and billing must be done. Therefore, I will work.

7) What is it with baby clothes? At 16 months Liam is too tall for 12 month clothing, except for the pants, which are still a bit long and almost too big around. He must have a long body but short legs. Some of the 6-9 month pants still fit him. He is broad in the shoulder and narrow at the hip. Either kids clothes are not made to fit properly, or my kid is shaped weird.

6) I love the feel of a hardcover book. I enjoy reading, and read a great deal, but give me a hardcover book any day over a paperback. They just feel good in the hand. Some of my old worn out favorite books I am now replacing with hardcover. You know, the ones I return to time and again like old friends.

5) What’s for dinner? Lord, I hate that question. I try to write menus and purchase groceries to complete them ahead of each week, but time gets away sometimes and here we are, Wednesday night with no idea what we might eat. Carp!

4) A huge thanks to all who have expressed their condolences on the death of my dad. Please keep me and all my family in your prayers as we struggle to come to terms with this loss in our lives. Just how long does grief go on?

3) Election, smection. I am so over the top tired of all this political BS. Get it over with, the sooner the better. I consider myself anti-political. However, after much consideration, I am forced to agree with my friend Mags: a vote for McCain/Palin is a vote for a couple of cheese doodles.

2) If you value your sanity, do not obtain miniature dachshunds as pets. Our neighbor has two. Yip, yip, yip, yip, yip, yip. My dog stands in our backyard just looking at them and they go crazy. My dog doesn’t bark. He just looks at them like they have lost whatever small brain cells they might have had. So annoying.

1) I just read over my nine. I think my tenth needs to be an apology for how down my nine are. I am sorry. I am in a blue time. I’m not certain when it will improve. See #4.

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mags said...

Janie, dear, I know the smiles are not coming with great frequency these days, but I can tell by your writing that from time to time they are there ... even when you're just trying to figure out what exactly possesses a person so much so that he/she must own not one but to miniature dobermen. Really, doesn't that quite defeat the purpose of said doggy, anyway?

I don't have all the answers. Most days, I don't have many of the answers. I feel luck on days when I have about half of the answers. But I do know this: The grief doesn't stop, but it does become less painful. The pain subsides to kind of a dull ache, and then one day you'll realize before you go to bed that you let a day go by without crying.

This realization will make you cry.

No matter what, I am here for you, always. I know I am just one tiny facet of the amazing network of strength and love you have surrounding you right now, and hallelujah for that! Relax into it, Janie. We're here for you.