Thursday, January 15, 2009

"String too short to use"

10) I love that I call this “String too short to use.” That way no matter what day I manage to get it posted, it’s not late!

9) The Bible study I have been attending on Thursday evenings since just before Christmas is going to wrap up next week and we are going to take a week off, and then we are coming back together on February 5 for the first of 4 craft nights. I am excited. Then after that we will come back to a Bible study and then just switch back and forth. I love it. I may yet get some of my UFOs taken care of!

8) Worked my tail off today. I mentioned on Facebook that I wasn’t going to get a three-day weekend. I must work Monday. Chris is off so I have built-in childcare. He gets to be Dad for the day and I get to print W2s, W3s, 1099s and 1096s for all my clients. It will be a busy Monday for me. However, I have decided I will have a three-day weekend after all. I am taking tomorrow off. And I can do that . . . I’m the boss.

7) I live in a house of horrors. The place makes me shudder and cringe. It is so dirty and messy. My tolerance for that is better than it used to be (or worse depending on your point of view), but still, I believe we have reached patent pending. Must clean. Must clean.

6) My bay window is spectacular! I absolutely love it and it was absolutely worth it. I have to stain and finish the inside trim and then I will post the promised pics for all to see, but trust me, it is wonderful. It makes the family room seem larger and I could just stand and look out at the backyard for hours.

5) Two of my good friends and I are planning a pilgrimage to Portland. It is only three hours away, but I haven’t been there in quite some time. Fabric Depot has been calling my name. We will spend hours there and I will dream up new projects and fun things to create. It is Mecca for fabric people. 73,000 square feet of fabric, patterns and notions! What’s not to like?

4) I watched the “Golden Compass” yesterday. If you haven’t seen it, do so. It was wonderful. I love sci-fi/fantasy so it was right up my alley. The premise of daemons was fascinating to me. What a lovely idea. I have been thinking ever since about what form my daemon would take. I’m going to come up with something and give it a name, too. I guess I still have enough of a kid in me to want to believe they really could exist.

3) My mom gave Chris and I the coolest gift for Christmas. Actually it was the coolest in more ways than one. She got us a gallon of huckleberries, frozen of course. If you’ve never had them, you’re missin’ out. They have a flavor all their own, a bit like a blueberry only way, way, way much better. A gallon ain’t cheap, but it will go a long way. I am going to start by making a batch of jam this weekend and then I will still have enough left for muffins and pancakes and scones and . . . YUM!

2) Filing. I believe filing is a four-letter word. I love numbers and spreadsheets and debits and credits, but man, oh, I do not like to file. It seems to come with my profession, and I dislike it intensely. Hate is a strong word, one I don’t use very often, but I think it applies here. I hate to file.

1) If you were to pick the one thing that always makes you smile, what would it be?

Too easy: when my son, Liam, smiles, I smile.

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maggie said...

Always makes me smile? Either my brother's or my dad's laugh. They both get caught up in laughter so much that it sort of overtakes them. Even thinking about it makes me smile.