Monday, January 12, 2009

"String MUCH too short to use"

5) There are people in this world who should be and should want to be a part of Liam’s life, both family and friends, who have never acknowledged his existence, no cards, phone calls, visits or gifts to commemorate his arrival, special days or events. This upsets me. These are people he should be connected to and they have made no effort to maintain or even begin a relationship with him. I just don’t get it, especially in light of my dad’s passing. Dad would “be here for Liam” if he possibly could, and these people could, but choose not to. It makes me both sad and angry.

4) Liam started walking three days before Christmas! It is now a constant foot race at our house. Holy *#^+ is he ever quick. He also has 1st year molars on the right side, both top and bottom. None on the left and no eye teeth yet, but his doctor had said molars could come first.

3) Thanks to our cat, we have a mouse in our house. Malcolm brought it in through the pet door and turned it loose. I can’t figure out how this stupid cat can catch mice outside, but as soon as he gets them in the house and lets them go, he is completely inept. No way can he recapture them. This one’s smarter than our previous house guests, it has managed to elude traps set on its behalf as well.

2) Our three new windows will be installed on Monday. I can’t wait. I have been frantically painting the exterior trim boards so they will match our current color scheme. Plum, doncha know. Those of you who advised me will be so proud. I said hang the expense and ordered the bay window for the family room. Never let it be said I didn’t do my part to repair the sagging economy.

1) I have been hurrying to finish paraments for ordinary time. You know, the green ones. Then a couple days ago I looked at the church’s calendar and realized: Lent is purple, Easter is white, Pentecost is red. We won’t need the green ones until sometime in June, and I must finish white and red before that! So I am now designing white and red, and then I will come back to the green.

Yes, only five this time. I couldn't come up with any more today and needed to get some of this posted before it was all oh, too late.


Doozyanner said...

Janie, we have the same issue in our family with #5--some have never acknowledged my very first great-niece's existence. But--those of us who love her, love her to pieces, and to heck with the rest of the dopes who don't know what they're missing!

Doozyanner said...

Oh, and way to go on the windows You will really enjoy having the bay. :-)

Janie said...

Thanks, Doozy, I just try to keep telling myself there are many who are here for him and the rest are just missin' out!

KariAnn said...

Sounds like you've been busy chasing Liam and prepping for new windows. I looked back through your blog at pictures of your little guy. He's adorable with all that blond hair. It was good to see your note on my blog. I love how blogging makes it so convenient to keep in touch (although my posts are really sparse sometimes).