Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finding bliss

I saw the word bliss awhile back on a friend’s Facebook note.


It’s an odd word. It is not a word I think about much. I’m not sure it’s a word that fits into my life. Is my life too prosaic for bliss? Work, cooking, cleaning, baths, laundry, diapers, breakfast, lunch, dinner . . . bliss?

What exactly is bliss? I think it must be one of those things that is different for everyone.

Some people think bliss is escaping to the mountains or the seashore, and maybe it is, but that seems to limit bliss too much for my taste. I would like bliss to be a more everyday word. Can I carve out a little time each day for bliss?

Likely it would have to be different each day. Perhaps it is already there and I just have to learn to recognize it when it happens.

Some days bliss would be spending time in my sewing room.

Most days bliss is holding my son for a few moments after I have rocked him to sleep. Holding a sleeping baby definitely qualifies as bliss.

That’s all I got for now. What is your bliss?


Doozyanner said...

Janie, what a lovely word (or state of being) to ponder. Bliss for me can be sinking into my cozy bed at night, the first taste of a really good cup of coffee, losing myself in a good book, flying down a hill on my bike, or getting into the creative zone with my sewing machine. But you're right--holding a sleeping baby ranks right up there at the top of the bliss list. :-) Wishing you many blissful moments this weekend!

mags said...

Bliss is ... dark chocolate with a heavenly percentage of cacao. Finding the perfect vehicle. Visits from friends. Finding the bright side. And receiving love that's unconditional and completely fulfilling.

One of the best things about bliss is that it's so personal. One person's everyday is another's bliss. I love that.