Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"String too short to use"

10) I placed an order with J.C. Penney a couple of days ago. I looked all over the house for my catalog cause I knew it offered free shipping. Couldn’t find it. Today . . . it shows. So I called Penney’s on the off-chance they would credit me the shipping ($19.25). I figured it would be worth the call. Right? The first person I talked to said no way, but she offered to transfer me to someone on up the line. Terry at is my hero. I gave him the code off the catalog and he verified it and credited my account. Yippee!

9) Normally Chris picks up Liam from daycare on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but he has an awards ceremony at the school tonight so I have to go get Liam. I am whining a little because I am in the middle of about 500 things. Routine: I am your slave.

8) Our evening PIGS/Bible Study group has started both a study of Ephesians and a Prayer Shawl ministry. We figure we can do both at the same time. We started the study last week so it is too early to tell how that is going. However, I found several really neat shawl patterns on the internet, and one of our group purchased a pattern book. Here we go!

7) Is it just me or do the Toyota Sienna commercials make others want to vomit as well? NOTHING is cool about owning a minivan. A friend of mine has one and when I am truly desperate for space she lets me borrow it. I do so hoping no one will recognize me. I don’t see anything wrong with my son having the mom with the coolest car.

6) We got an invitation in the mail to the golden wedding anniversary party for some dear friends of my family’s. I am very happy for them, and wouldn’t miss it for the world, but it does remind me that Mom & Dad’s 50th would have been the summer of 2009. Dad died in September 2008, so they missed it by a few months. Just another bitter regret about Dad’s passing.

5) Having a water feature in the yard is nice. Sitting on the porch listening to the water is very soothing. We have five fair-sized fish in our pond we have raised from little tiny feeders. However, I have to tell you it is plenty of work in the spring and fall. We have a cover for it to attempt to keep the leaves out in the fall. It sort of works. Spring is worse because the blossoms from the trees and shrubs are little enough to get through and under the cover and they clog the filter. We have pulled and rinsed the filter about once a week for the past eight weeks. I’ll be glad when the current siege is over.

4) After 11 years we have finally found a trustworthy dog sitter! There are no kennels where we live. Several of the vets around town do kenneling, but the dogs and cats there get fed and that’s it; no walking, no petting, no love. Last weekend while we were at Chris’ leadership training for horse camp, we asked a friend to watch Mufasa. He is a very small, very needy dog. He got rave reviews! Most places we go we just take him with, but sometimes we really can’t. Thank you Sue! You may be seeing more of him, although we promise not to take advantage of your willingness to serve.

3) That’s it. I’ve had it! I am washing my car today. I don’t care how many bad weather gremlins are watching. My car is an absolutely beautiful machine when it is clean, and looks twice as dreadful as any old clunker when it is dirty. Some bird did its business down the passenger door a few weeks ago and our weather has been too lousy to do anything about it. But no more. We have wind today and I am liable to get completely drenched doing it, but here goes.

2) Last week I took care of a task I have been procrastinating for well over a year now. It wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought, certainly not worth all the concern and downright dread I have been feeling. I called a lawyer. No, I’m not leaving Chris. When Liam was born we knew flying by the seat of pants was no longer going to be a realistic option. We have been talking about wills, guardianship and a testamentary trust ever since. Naturally my biggest concern was cost and if we got a do-it-yourself kit, did it come with a rope for the inevitable hanging that would take place. Finally I found my courage and called a lawyer. Pleasantly, the task will not cost anywhere near what I feared and so the appointment is made. Three years too late, but better late than never. Now . . . which one of you wants him?

1) If you had to fight a duel tomorrow at dawn, who would your second be?


mags said...

Oh, hell, this is going to be a long response. Reading your blog is like having a conversation; here's my half.

10) I love when I get great customer service! During the first month of April, I got a great rep. Live, on the phone. From the IRS. Could've knocked me over with a feather.

9) Whine away. But you got to pick up that little fella, which I'm sure (eventually) made it (almost) worth it.

8) You study pigs AND the bible? I have some great knitted prayer shawl patterns. You want I should send?

7) I hate hate hate those commercials. And you are so totally the mom with the coolest car.

6) Let yourself be sad and happy. And then remember what a great man your dad was. Then, tell Liam a story about him. That way, being sad has a point.

5) A group of foxes ate all but two the fish in my dad's pond a few years ago. The two that are left rarely come up for a visit; I'd be chicken, too!

4) Can she watch Benld, too? I have to give the little cat bastard stool softeners twice a day. The days of leaving him to fend for himself, even for a weekend, are over. But he's worth it, the fat fuzzy brat.

3) The Jeep looks great dirty. And clean. But mostly, it looks great topless.

2) I am so glad you took care of that! Very important, and you'll sleep better once it's all taken care of. And while I'll never win the Most Maternal award, I'd take him in a heartbeat. (Though I'd likely have to fend off his natural-born aunties for the privilege!)

1) It's a toss-up, but I think I'd choose my kickboxing instructor. She scares me.

CMR said...

Minivans suck. They are the definition of a necessary evil.

Janie said...

That's PIGS (Projects In Grocery Sacks), not pigs. ;-) And, yes, send any an all patterns you'd like to share. I don't knit, but others in the group do.

word verification: boest

Maggie is the boest!

Doozyanner said...

Janie, I love your "string too short to use" posts the best. Having Mufasa come for a visit was what I imagine having grandchildren will be like--great fun, love having them, glad to send them back home to mama so I'm not responsible any more. (Nate kept letting Mufasa off his leash and I was freaking out because I remember the story of him disappearing for a couple of days!)