Friday, July 29, 2011

Still . . .

We are still leaving on vacation on Monday . . .

. . . Whether or not I get all the laundry done.

. . . Whether or not I figure out what all I need to take to my mother.

. . . Whether or not I finish all my work. After all, will it not STILL be waiting here for me when I get back?

. . . Whether the weather is good, bad or indifferent. The kids will sleep out if it is good and in if it is bad, not much change there.

. . . Whether we have to take the dog or I find someone to care for him. He is getting older now and it not the traveler he once was.

. . . Whether we remember everything or forget most of what we need. I’m just not sure I care if I have my toothbrush with me or if I must go purchase a new one when we get where we are going.

. . . Whether or not the lawn gets mowed. It would be better if it did or we will likely need a swather and baler when we get back.

. . . Whether or not the truck gets washed., I don’t really want to travel in CJE’s dirty pickup, but I will if I have to. No, he’s gonna have to wash it.

Still . . . we are going.


Abby said...

This sounds like an excellent plan to me. Whatever doesn't get done today will still be there tomorrow. Enjoy your vacation!

mamatigerj said...

Great attitude. That is what a vacation is for anyway; right? I hope you have a wonderful, restful time. Your blog looks very interesting; I am going to spend some time reading through it.


Early said...

Okay...I'll mow the lawn.
I love you,

Shanda said...

Yes.....leave the details. Vacation is important. I'm right there with you

Odie Langley said...

Well Janie out of that list it seems that getting the truck washed and cutting the grass are two things that really need to be done. Grass has a way of getting out of control and you wouldn't want to come back to a jungle. Have a wonderful trip.

Doozyanner said...

Have fun! Send good thoughts my way on Wednesday!(Amazingly enough, it looks like Blogger is going to allow me to comment today!)(Oh, and sorry to leave you without a dog-sitter! I hope you find someone!)

Maggie said...

Love you! Hope your trip was wonderful!