Saturday, August 27, 2011

Suffering from neglect

I am guilty of neglecting my blog for the past few weeks.

Mostly it seems life gets in the way sometimes and the things I want to do have to take a backseat to the things I have/need to do. So here I am a month from my previous post and still not sure what to write about or if I have time to make a decent post of something.

We took a week off the first of August and that not only takes the time of being away, but it also makes the workload just nuts when I get back. As I am self-employed, no one does the work for me while I am off playing. Time away has to be carefully planned and coordinated so clients are covered and content while I am gone. To top things off nicely I was back and working fast and furiously for a few days when my on-again/off-again client called and needed 35+ hours of work done ASAP. Poor planning on your part . . .

My past week has been spent getting ready to go back to school. I am somewhat used to CJE’s normal prep for back-to-school, but this year Liam starts preschool so we had parent orientation to go to and “Meet the Teacher” day. Liam is very excited about school, although I think at this point he believes it is just going to be a new place to play. The day we went to meet his teacher he spent the hour we were there playing with the other kids and about a dozen Mr Potato Heads.

There are 19 littles in the class. 13 of them are boys. I do not envy Mrs. Eaker. I was somewhat distressed, although not surprised, to find when she measured the kids as they came to visit Liam is one of the littlest in the class. He is also one of the youngest. Several of the other boys have already turned five and although their parents probably made the right decision in that they were not ready for preschool last year at only just barely four, as the parent of a true four-year-old in the class I have concerns. I’m not trying to borrow trouble here, but I hope there is a real awareness on the part of the school of the potential for bullying this presents.

Wow, do I sound like a defensive, paranoid parent or what? I am trying hard not to be, but he is my baby after all.

School officially starts Monday for CJE and Tuesday for Liam. I suspect it will take several weeks for us to get used to this new routine. In short that means don’t count too heavily on much on here from me. I foresee life getting in the way again. Already several weekends in September are full which always makes the month seem over before it begins. Help! I’m behind already and I haven’t even turned the calendar page.

I make no apologies, and no promises.


Doozyanner said...

Your live traffic feed says I'm in Dubai, but really, I'm still in Abu Dhabi--right next door. Hang on to your hat! Now that Liam has started school life will proceed at warp speed. He will do well--he's bright and sociable and has a mama and papa bear who will make sure he's safe. Happy first days of school to Chris and Liam! And happy first days of having some hours to yourself! :-)

Doozyanner said...

Oh, and yes, I'm up very late--just back from seeing the camels in Al Ain (stay tuned for a new post) and got here to find out that our room keys needed to be reset, so back to the lobby. Now I'm overtired and wired. I don't think I'll make it to breakfast in the morning.