Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"String too short to use"

10) Liam is a clandestine walker. I will catch him walking out of the corner of my eye and if I turn my head to look right at him, he quickly sits down. So we know he can do it, most of the time he just chooses to crawl instead. It is much faster and he feels more secure that way.

9) Banana Spice Bread, yummy. I needed a recipe for banana bread that had good flavor but contained no rum or nuts. I made it last night. Liam loves it which is good as he was the reason for no nuts or rum.

8) Christmas cards are going to be late this year, they are waiting on a picture of Liam which has not even been taken yet. Most likely there will be no letter to accompany. I started one, but it is such a downer. My father’s death pretty much overshadows anything else we did, and I don’t want to bring everybody’s holiday down.

7) I still have flowers blooming in the pots on my front porch. Unbelievable as we have had temperatures in the mid-twenties. But, there they are, my petunias, still blooming.

6) As of yesterday, my Christmas shopping is complete. I paid for the last item on ebay yesterday. Now, as long as everything gets here in time, I am in good shape. Hurrah!

5) We need to replace the window in our family room. I want to put a bay window in there. I just think it would look so cool and I have always wanted one. Problem is, a bay window is more than three times the price of just a plain ol’ window. I somehow want to justify this, but so far I can’t, but I really want to. A bay window would just be so neat. Help!

4) The shopping is done, the sewing is not. I am making new jammies for Liam and myself. Liam has almost outgrown the ones I made in October, so he needs new ones which will hopefully get him through the winter. All my flannels are faded and worn, no holes, but so ugly now. I want something bright and new for Christmas.

3) Liam likes to unload the kitchen cabinet that contains all my stock pots and sauce pans and colanders. Chris snapped a picture of him awhile back. He looks so sweet, but believe me when I tell you those curls are the perfect cover for the little red devil horns he has on his head. He is one busy boy.

2) I am starting the traditional end of year file fight that all bookkeepers fight. I have to find a home for my own, and help nine clients pull theirs and stash them away somewhere for safekeeping. Yike! Just kidding, I actually love it. It satisfies my type A jonesing for organization. Besides I can’t resist file folders, paper, pens, paper clips, staples, erasers and all manner of office supplies. I can spend an extraordinary amount of time and money in Office Depot, Office Max and Staples. Those stores were made for me!

1) If you could eliminate one hereditary characteristic from your family, what would it be?


Magggie said...

Re: #8 - It okay to not include a letter this year, but I'll look forward to one next year, when your spirits are brighter.

Re: #5 - You live in your house, Janie. You look out your windows every day. It's not just about the cost, but the value the new window will have to you and your family. How much joy will it bring you to sit in front of that window window with your morning coffee? To talk with Liam about what you see out that window?

How much is that worth? Exactly ... about a million times more than the price of the window.

Re: #1 - I would not have such a huge head!

Re: #s 1 - 10: I love you guys.

Janie said...

RE: #1: The paternal side of my family has a theme song:

"Baby Got Back"

Oh how I wish it weren't so!

CMR said...

#8: No letter = no problem. It'll keep me from feeling guilty I don't somehow find the time to do one of my own.

#5: Cost be damned. You can't put a price tag on personal enjoyment.

#3: Of course he's busy. He's a Gemini. Just wait until he starts to talk. (Enjoy your relative peace now.)

#1: The answer to that question is shining on the top of my head right at this very moment.