Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"String too short to use"

10) All those born in the last half of the year, I would like to apologize to you now, in front of God and everyone, for missing your birthday. For whatever reason, I start out the year great. I send cards via snail mail for birthdays and anniversaries and other special occasions as they arise. By May or June I am out of steam and the remainder of the year I am lucky if I can get greetings to my friends on facebook or via email for their special days. No excuse will do, although in my defense, I truly am trying to do better. I am very frustrated by this. Life gets in the way I guess.

9) Beech/beach, its/it's, your/you're, there/their/they're, are/our, bear/bare, hear/here, wear/where and the list goes on. The extremely poor use of spelling, punctuation and grammar is my pet peeve, be it on facebook or anywhere else I might have occasion to view the printed word. It is horrifying to me how poorly people spell and their grammar is even worse. Most don't even bother with punctuation. I have been encouraging a college professor of mine to get on facebook because it is such an easy way to communicate. I am going to stop. She would just die if she saw what passes for communication out there.

8) Lately I have been forced to become much more aware of the angry, hateful world we live in. I don't like it. I read so many nasty, unnecessary and hurtful things about our president and his wife and children. It is atrocious. I don't particularly care if you voted for him or not. He is now your president as much as he is mine, and at the very least, he deserves your respect. You may disagree with his politics, but what purpose does it serve for you to run him and his family down? They are people, you know.

7) My little boy is the bright spot in my universe. Even on the days when I pray he will sleep until at least 8:30, I still just love to see his little face and hear his laughter. I can hear his little footsteps in the mornings the moment he gets out of bed as my office is right under his bedroom. When I stick my head around the corner he is sitting behind the gate at the top of the stairs and he says, "Hi Mommy," in the happiest, sweetest voice imaginable. Gives me a warm fuzzy every time I hear it. We are so blessed to have been entrusted with this happy little boy.

6) CJE and I invested in two of those ergonomic gravity lounge chairs. Can I just say: “Yeah!”

5) When we were in church on Sunday, Liam was amusing us and those around us with a litany of all the Bible characters he knows. Thanks in part to Veggie Tales, he knows the names of a surprising number of folks from the good book. It was a hoot.

4) No rest for the wicked. I will be so glad to see June end. I have been so busy this month I haven’t even been able to think about my summer reading list, let alone actually crack a book. Darn it. I have a backload of projects to try to get to as well. Then yesterday it came to my attention Liam has outgrown three of his sets of summer jammies. What a weed. So today I raided my fabric stash and cut him out two new sets and even got one sewn up. He was so excited about it he wanted to put them on to take his nap in.

3) When Liam and CJE got home from daycare last Wednesday, Liam came to me and told me: “Liam/Daddy goto store, buy cookies, come back.” He had such an earnest look on his little face. He was just sure this was a good plan. I tried really hard not to laugh because he was so-o-o-o serious.

2) My mom doesn’t have a computer in her house, and wouldn’t know what to do with one if she did, so I have started sending her printed copies of my bloggings. I thought she might like to share in my day-to-day musings. She is probably both my biggest fan and my most constructive critic so I think it is a good call.

1) If you could eliminate one habit you have, what would you stop doing?

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