Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"String too short to use"

10) Never, never, never ask a woman if she is pregnant. Unless you can see a tiny hand, foot or head protruding from her body, it is best to just not ask. It is embarrassing for you and humiliating for her if she has to tell you “No.” Some of us are just rounder than others and you would do well to remember that the next time you are thinking about asking this potentially most embarrassing question.

9) Overnight it seems my son has outgrown every pair of shoes he owns. Unreal. Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church we discovered, with the exception of a pair of flips flops, we could get his feet into exactly one pair of shoes and as this was the pair with the smallest number on the bottom, we knew they didn’t really fit either. We had to just jam his feet into them and get through it. On the way home from church, he and I stopped at the shoe store. The sales clerk measured his feet. His largest pair of shoes was a 7, his foot measures an 8½. Oh, help.

8) For Mother’s Day I drug my husband into the Montavilla Sewing Center and showed him my dream sewing machine . . . and went home with one! It is a BabyLock Symphony and it is marvelous. It has all the wonderful features that cause a crafter like me to drool uncontrollably. Needless to say I have been spending every free moment sitting behind it dreaming and creating. Yea!

7) Work. Work has really been getting in the way of my play lately. I have to keep reminding myself that work is what pays for my play, but right now with the fine weather finally here and new ideas blossoming everywhere, it is a tough sell.

6) While I was at Quilt Camp earlier this month I discovered a new outlet for my creativity and passion. Suttle Lake Camp hosts Strength for the Journey at the camp in August. Strength for the Journey is a camp for men with HIV/AIDS. Each summer 50-75 men come to the camp for about four days to be nurtured and fed. They come for time to reflect, rest and gain strength in an atmosphere of peace and acceptance. Quilts are given to them as part of the activities of the camp. Quilts? Yes! I am hoping to get two done in time for the camp this summer.

5) Small boy turns four on Sunday. Yike! On top of his feet overnight no longer fitting in his shoes, big changes are in store over the next few months. He is so ready to go to school. Of course, he wants to ride the bus and I haven’t had the heart to tell him he won’t get to do that until Kindergarten. He’s going to be disappointed about it, but I still think he will love school.

4) When you put yourself out there and get shut down time after time, it becomes difficult to want to even bother. I have a small circle of friends who seem to understand me and for that I am extremely grateful. It has always been difficult for me to open up and make new friends and I am always so excited to find someone new who seems to like me . . . for whatever reason. I feel like I have a lot to give, but struggle with finding people who want what I have to share.

3) I have high hopes for my church family. We are getting a new pastor in July and someone collaborative would go a long way to helping us recover from the past eight years of minimalism.

2) My mom really wants Liam and I to come see her in July. CJE will be counseling at horse camp and there isn’t any reason Liam and I couldn’t go see Grandma. Except for the high cost of fuel. I haven’t figured out how I can afford to send CJE out of town one direction and Liam and I another. So how do I tell her we would love to see her, but just plain can’t afford the trip?

1) If you had to name the most incredible thing a friend has ever done for you, what would it be?

My friend Kathy Anderson gets this one. When I was about to be sent home from the hospital (45 miles away) after having Liam, but they were going to keep him, Kathy came and helped me situate things so I could stay in the Pediatric Ward with Liam and sent her pastor to visit with me as well. Asking for help is such a difficult thing. Swallowing my pride and admitting “I can’t” was the hardest thing I have ever done, and Kathy came through for me in a big way.


maggie said...

First of all, I can't believe the squid is turning four. It seems like only yesterday I was sitting in the parking lot of a dive bar, talking with you on the phone, and learning your incredible news that you were pregnant! Yes, I remember every detail.

I love your posts. Sometimes I have to read a few and catch up, but I absolutely treasure keeping up with you out here on the Internets. ;)

Janie said...

Aw, thanks Maggie. Sometimes I fear no one reads what I write. It doesn't matter if they agree or disagree. I just like it when people read and comment.

Odie Langley said...

Make no mistake Janie, I read every one that pops up and I enjoy knowing what has been going on in your life. Hearing how Liam is doing and all the little details of day to day life. You are part of the family & I like that.

Doozyanner said...

I think I've said it before--I love your "string too short to use" posts the most. An add-on to #10--never ask a childless couple why they remain childless. Maybe it's a choice. Maybe they desperately want a child and it's not happening. Either way, it's none of your damn business. If they admit to trying to conceive, don't make things worse by asking if they're sure they're doing it right. #9--hang on! Shoes only get more expensive as they grow. #8--delighted for you. :-) #7--necessary to pay for #9. #6--Such a great idea. I'm sure you'll get at least 2 quilts finished on time. #5--Can't wait to celebrate one incredible little boy! (I'll be blogging about his mad photography skills soon. #4--I'm glad we're friends. :-) #3--ummm, nothing profound to say...hope you get a pastor you can relate to. #2--start saving now--if money's the problem, there is no problem. #1--When Katie was in the accident and her friend died, my friend let me talk as much as I needed, be as quiet as I needed, and brought me Emetrol when I couldn't stop throwing up.

Cindy said...

Coming in from Studio JRU - I so enjoyed reading your thoughts...it is tough to "put ourselves out there" and sometimes no comments feels like a judgment of no value...but yet our thoughts ARE valuable, if only to God, but then if He values them...WOW! They are priceless!

Blessings on all your coming activities and plans!

Anonymous said...

I appreciated reading your list...and I can totally relate to #4 more than you could ever imagine. =(

Thanks sharing...I'm visiting from Studio JRU!

Bonita Rose said...

the best thing a friend ever did for me was simply to be still and listen thru my pain. Means the world to me. xo I am participating this week at Studio JRU too.. so fun and happy friday to you! xo hugs fr fargo bonitarose

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

I had to laugh at #10 because I tried to deny it today (jokingly) when someone remarked about me expecting. She said "Well then you swallowed a watermelon seed!" Really, I look like there is a full grown watermelon under my shirt. :)

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day gift! Happy Birthday to your little one tomorrow! I also find it so hard to put myself out there. Such a blessing to find friends we relate with. What a special friend you have in Kathy! :) Thanks for sharing you heart with us.

Robin Norgren said...

very interesting work you are bringing to the blogosphere. Coming over from Studio JRU