Friday, June 3, 2011

Third of Five

I delivered my third of five this past Tuesday evening.

It so happened that in the course of this facebook pay-it-forward game one of my five ended up being Kevin, a guy I’ve known for about 18 years. Which is fine except . . . I work in fabrics! I racked my brain . . . what am I gonna make for a guy? Finally I came up with a concept and then spent some time in the fabric store with my mom and sister finding the right fabrics to complete my vision.

I finished an incredible wall hanging for him a few weeks ago. I called his wife on a Friday afternoon to find out if there was a time I could come by the house when Kevin wasn’t around so I could put it up and surprise him. Turns out he was having dialysis three nights a week so we scheduled for the following Monday evening.

On the Sunday of that weekend, she called me. We couldn’t come over on Monday because she and Kevin were headed for Portland. They had gotten a call and the kidney he had been waiting for was now waiting for him! Praise God! Kevin has diabetes and has been on a waiting list for a new kidney for some time.

The surgery was successful and everything looks good. Kevin is feeling better than he has in years. Talk is they are releasing him this Friday (today). Since I had decided the thing to do was to have it hanging in their home when he walks through the door, CJE and I talked their son into letting us in on Tuesday night to put it up. Now it is there, waiting for him whenever he gets home.

My readers get a little sneak peek. The hanging is about 40" square. It was great fun to make and I have adapted the “plaid looking” border for several other projects cause I just love it.

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Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! Love the bear.

sonyamacdesigns said...

Hello ... I'm stopping over from Jennifer's Sneak Peek ... love your blog

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Sewing for guys is really tough. I have made sand bags (for a shooting bench) and a CO2 cartridge holder and camo curtains. Love the plaid look on the wall hanging, too! Great job!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

How beautiful! What a special gift for him to come home and see. I'm sure he is going to love it! Hope he is healing quickly! :)

Doozyanner said...

VERY nice! He will love it.

junelle said...

Wow! That is such a HUGE amazing work! What a breathtaking piece of art -- you should be so thrilled~

Thank you for the peek, I love it!

Roberta said...

Wow...that is are so sweet to make this for him and I'm sure that he is enjoying it and appreciates all your work and your thoughts for him in making it. Just lovely. Have a wonderful week. Fondly, Roberta

Maggie Bieritz said...

Janie, that is beautiful. Just beautiful. I truly love your work. (And so do the people in my office ... the ones who covet the Perfect Green Bag!0

Rachel said...

Love the wall hanging!! It is beautiful.

And thank you for linking up with {friday} favorites.