Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome to my sanctuary

I (with CJE's help) spent several days last week deep cleaning my sewing room. Yes, I am one of those lucky people who has her own space for crafting and I love it. I call it my sanctuary. It is where I go whenever possible to create and commune with God.
This picture was taken from the doorway looking directly into the room.
This is the new sewing machine CJE & Liam got me for Mother's Day. Yes, I am spoiled. At this point I am convinced this machine is smarter than I am. When it comes to quilting, applique and basic sewing, it does everything. It is super quiet and I am having loads of fun with it.
This is the opposite corner of the room, looking over the top of my sewing machine.
This is the stacked-box shelves CJE made me for the corner beyond the ironing board. They are extremely user-friendly.

Everything about this room was made to order. I chose the bright yellow paint for the walls and the citrus-colored fabric for the ceiling. The orange strips on the walls are fabric-covered homasote board. This stuff is wonderful as I can pin things to them, projects in progress or decorative items.

This is my sanctuary, the place I go to when the world overwhelms me and I need some quiet and reflective time. Because I can't stand closed doors, the unwinding sign doesn't always mean much. Oftentimes Liam is in the room with me playing with toys scattered all over the floor, but still time spent in this room is time well-spent and I nearly always come out with a happier frame of mind.

Peace reigns within these walls.

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Odie Langley said...

Everyone needs that special place Janie and mine is my office in the early morning hours. I purposely get there 2 to 3 hours before everyone else to get my day scheduled for my 5 technicians but to also spend time with my blog family. Otherwise I get the same sense of peace out walking along the woods with Rocky. Have a great week.

Early said...

Glad to help rejuvenate the Woman Cave. I love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I checked back with the sneak peek...I love your sewing room! How beautiful...and I LOVE your lights...I lack good have lamps that I try to position around me. Your lights look amazing.

So does your new machine! I love the artwork on your children make me art for my room as well. =)

Thanks for sharing this week!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a wonderful space! I love the pretty color fabrics hanging from that wall. That is so neat! It is certainly a blessing to have a space that you come out of happier! Looks like a fun sanctuary... thanks so much for sharing! :)

Robin Norgren said...

yellow as the color of peace and sanctuary - very APPROPRIATE!

Maggie said...

I love that space. It is very ... "you". Such a beautiful, talented woman, my Janie. Love you, and so glad you have a place that brings out your best self.