Sunday, June 5, 2011

"String too short to use"

10) B52s. We have unbelievably large flies that seem to be breeding in our garage. Every time I open the door between the house and garage I have to battle these enormous pests. I hate it when they actually manage to get in the house. CJE and I have taken to calling them B52s. Imagine an insect this big:

9) Liam and I spent an idyllic day in the backyard yesterday. I pushed him in the swing. We played pirate ship with him on his little slide. We watched a little green worm twist and squirm on the deck. We ate a ton of plastic food from his little plastic grill. We read several books and played music with his recorder (sure the neighbors loved that). We shot some hoops. We looked at the weeds, but opted not to pull them (too much like work). It was a lovely afternoon.

8) I am struggling mightily to keep up with birthday and anniversary cards this year. Every year about this time I loose momentum and all those born in the last half of the year get nothing. I promise myself each January: “This year will be different.” It never is. Wish me luck, cause . . . “This year will be different.”

7) A woman I met several years ago has become a very good friend of mine. She is someone I feel completely comfortable with and seems to love me despite my warts. She doesn’t seem to be shocked when I admit to her how difficult this whole mom thing is for me. Unfortunately she is moving overseas to teach for at least two years and I know when she returns stateside, she won’t be coming back to this little podunk town. I’m going to miss her terribly, but I seem to be fairly good at long-distance friendships. When she leaves, my closest BFF will be at least 200 miles away, and all others MUCH farther.

6) Ahhh (sigh of contentment). It is Sunday morning. There is coffee in my cup. My husband and four-year old are still in bed. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. What could possibly be better?

5) I have a new love. He has the most enchanting smile. His laugh is infectious. He is one of those rare guys who genuinely likes to cuddle. He isn’t afraid to cry. He says the funniest things. It doesn’t seem to matter to him that I am not built like a super model. I met him four years ago and he has been an amazing blessing in my life. Our love seems to grow with each passing year. His name is Liam. My husband knows all about him . . . and loves him, too.

4) Breakfast. My turn this morning as CJE made bacon, eggs and toast yesterday. Muffins this morning with fruit, I think.

3) Apparently my son’s dancing ability is more renowned than we realized. His Grandpa and Grandma in Illinois just sent him two left shoes!

2) Sundays and Thursdays have become my most looked-forward to days. I sew on Thursdays with anyone who cares to join me. Sometimes it is just Liam and I and sometimes friends come over to sew or cut or crochet or . . . whatever. It is always a pleasant day. Sundays I wave CJE and Liam off to church and I retreat to my sewing room, my sanctuary. I sew or sort fabric or iron or cut or whatever suits my fancy. In any case I usually get two to three hours all to myself. Precious, precious time.

1) If you could be more candid with one person you know from now on, who would it be?


Odie Langley said...

Don't really have anyone in mind for your question but wanted to say I enjoyed your post today and think it so wonderful that you have that special relationship with your other love.

Cindy said...

loving 9, 6, 5, and 2 - quiet coffee on a Sunday morning is the best!


CMR said...

I think CJE will likely forgive you for #5. :-)

Maggie Bieritz said...

I can assure you of this: you are good at the long distance thing. Sure, it's best to be close enough to hug, but for people like you, love is like a rubber band that expands across geography and pulls the heart close. It's a Janie sorta gift.

I love you. And I love your String.

Anonymous said...

I would be more candid with my childhood on into adulthood best friend, Katie. We were so close when we were younger and then I moved and we are and always have been close, but it changed somewhere along the way. She was the maid of honor at my wedding last year and this year I'm the maid of honor in hers and I hope to make part of the experience getting to know her and being known by her again. Who would you be more candid with? Your blog always provokes deeper thinking about life and what I have and I love that. : )

Cindy said...

and for some reason I missed the B52s the last time funny, and not, at the same time!!!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Yikes... B52 size pests! Sounds like a wonderful day spent with Liam. I am the same way about cards. Each year I am 'going to do better'. lol #5 is so sweet! :)