Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"String to short to use"

10) Liam has had hayfever/allergies right along with the rest of us this week. Poor little boogery boy. He doesn’t know how to blow his nose yet, so it just leaks out and gets smeared all over the place.

9) Liam loves to play with the magnets on our refrigerator. After a long search I found some plastic letters and numbers at a store here in town. Yea, they cost me all of $1.76. And will enable Liam to have hours of fun. We have found that the simplest toys are the best.

8) I know it doesn’t look that way, but i-n-s-u-r-a-n-c-e really is a four-letter word.

7) I get excited by the littlest things. I bought a new ironing board cover yesterday! I can’t wait to put it on the board. My old one really is a dirty, ratty mess. With all the sewing I do, I spend a great deal of time standing at the ironing board. So, believe it or not, this really is a gift for me!

6) Paint is in my future. I have a shelf Chris built for Liam’s room that needs primed and painted, and my dad built a toddler bed. He primed it, but I have to paint it. Liam should be ready for it sometime between now and Christmas.

5) As I am within 20 hours of making budget for this month, and I still have two weeks left, I am taking the day off! I am going to spend some time in my sewing room and playing with my little boy.

4) I want to be the person whose job it is to name paint colors. When we painted our bedroom last summer I chose “Song of Summer” and “Deep Everglades.” Liam’s room is “Pistachio Ice Cream,” “Capitol” and “Apple Creek.” My sewing room is “Smiley Face.” Our family room has one wall that is now “Sherwood Forest.” The guest bathroom is “Maple Sugar” and “Timothy’s Eyes.” Our utility room is “Flamingo.” The exterior of our home is “Seal Rock” and “Plum Creek.” Aren’t they wonderful names?

3) Time really does fly. It goes faster and faster the older I get. Having Liam around has sped it up considerably as well. When hours go by as minutes, it is no damn wonder I don’t get anything done.

2) During afternoon nap time, I have got to wash my poor car. Yike! If I don’t want someone to write “Wash Me” in the dirt, I’d best get it done. It is probably the dirtiest it has been since I bought it. Continuing the theme from #4, my car is “Sonic Blue.”

1) What one thing in your life best represents your freedom?


CMR said...

Hmm...I always thought the exterior of your home was terra cotta.

And purple. ;-)

Maggie is... said...

Every darned week, I look forward to your string! I just love your outlook.

One thing, hmm? My car keys. It sounds crazy, but since I've been able to drive, my car keys have represented my independence, my ability to just up and leave a situation if I was done being in it.

If I were in a more sappy mood, I probably would have said, "My friends, because they give me the freedom to be exactly who I am," but I gotta be honest. The keys win every time.

Love you!