Saturday, August 9, 2008

Busy Boy

Liam . . . spins office chairs and runs them over his fingers . . . swings every door in the house; bathrooms, cupboards, closets, and the front door . . . opens and closes drawers over and over and over . . . slides the keyboard shelf in and out, in and out; makes typing interesting . . . pushes the buttons on the front of the CPU; the computer shuts down almost immediately . . . sticks his whole hand in the slot on the VCR and through the door on the CD player . . . races up and down the stairs on all fours; as fast (or faster) than I can on two legs . . . cruises around every stick of furniture in the house . . . finds the dirtiest (hidden) corner of the house to play in . . . climbs over anything and everything on the floor; including me . . . laughs when I dance and/or sing; yes, apparently it is that bad . . . chases the dog and cats.

1 comment:

mags said...

Wow! That's quite a workout! Love the picture, Janie, and your incredibly descriptive way of explaining a typical day!