Monday, August 4, 2008

Living La Vida Loca

I hardly know where to begin.

The third full week of July, while Chris was off playing camp counselor, Liam and I spent with my parents in northern Idaho. It was the perfect opportunity for Grandparent time. The three of them had a ball. I had an nice, if exhausting, time, but I will always be grateful that we spent that week with them.

That Friday afternoon, my dad felt ill, but he said he had been welding and had probably inhaled some bad fumes. On Saturday Liam and I left for home. Chris arrived home about 20 minutes behind us. Good timing!

I spent the first three days of last week working like crazy trying to catchup for the week I was gone. Then on Wednesday my dad was airlifted to the hospital. He had not inhaled fumes, he had had a heart attack. An angioplasty and stent procedure was performed. He lost some heart muscle because he waited so long to go in, but although recovery will be long, he should be OK.

Very scary.

Needless to say, Liam and I spent the remainder of that week in the Spokane area, running back and forth between Chris’ mom’s place and the hospital. Chris was unable to go with us because he had to leave Saturday for Mexico.

Liam and I got home yesterday evening. We were both exhausted and very thankful to be home. We are hoping to remain here for awhile!

Aaargh! (This is me tearing my hair out.)

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mags said...

Thinking of you, sending prayers, loving you!