Thursday, August 28, 2008

"String too short to use"

10) It’s Thursday; we won’t speak of it again. Right?

9) I have not worked today, which is great, except that I should have which is bad. See, guilt, it’s not just for Catholics anymore.

8) We are leaving tomorrow morning for BF to see my folks. Which is both a good thing and the pits. That five hour drive is not much fun when it costs you three times as much as it used to. It is also not much fun with a 15 month old who refuses to sleep in the car. But it will be good to see Mom and Dad. Dad is doing well according to Mom. I am going to go and see for myself.

7) I have day care lined up for one afternoon and one morning each week; starting next week. I only need 8 hours total and I found someone I know and trust. Yeah!

6) Liam woke me too early this morning and I have been dragon-butt all day.

5) It is a beautiful day, a bit warm for my tastes, but probably one of the last of the summer. The A/C kicked on for the first time in over a week. I am so looking forward to cooler weather. (Sorry, Mags!)

4) I had to buy a new set of sheets. I discovered a couple days ago, my favorite set of sheets is so old we have literally worn holes in it. We have a backup set, but I don’t like them. I bought them as a set and the pillowcases aren’t the same shade of green as the sheets. Weird. They all came in the same package, but no matchy. That’s probably anal with a capital A. Isn’t it?

3) One of the six goldfish in the pond in our front yard jumped out overnight and died. He was just lying on the edge of the pond this morning. Dead. Very strange. I’ve had these fish for several winters now and never had anything quite like this happen. Makes me say: Hummm?

2) I think myself and the Disney Movie Club have reached an understanding. That being the case, I will attempt not to bad mouth them again. That is, of course, provided they don’t screw up again.

1) Liam and I take turns chasing one another through the house on our hands and knees. He giggles and laughs until he ‘bout falls over. There is nothing in the world like baby laughter. It makes all this worthwhile.

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