Monday, August 4, 2008

Good Monday

I don’t know how it happened, but I've had a good Monday.

It all started this morning when I slept in until 7:00 and Liam slept in until 8:00. That’s some kind of record for him. But we have had two very busy, crazy weeks in a row, and it must have just finally caught up with him.

I was able to leave Liam at Kid Kare while I worked for a couple of hours and he only got just a little bit whiney a couple of times. It was not enough for them to page me!

I got groceries and it was actually an almost pleasant experience. I found everything I needed and although the lines were long, the people in them were friendly and charming. Liam and I played silly games with the items in our cart until he was laughing like crazy. There is nothing in this world as wonderful to my ears as Liam’s laughter.

All of this enabled Liam to skip his morning nap.

After lunch we played on a blanket on the front lawn in the shade for about 45 minutes. He stands up and walks while holding on now. He climbed all over me when I got on the blanket with him. He giggled as we wrestled around and played. He is at such a fun age now.

By 2:00 he was ready for a good long nap, and that is where he is now. I did a couple hours of work for one of my “at home” clients, cooked some carrots to mash up for baby, and am now trying to catchup on myspace and here.

Liam will be waking soon for dinner, and tonight will be bath night because last night we were just too tired. He loves his bath, so that will be fun. He will be a splashing little froggie, which always makes me laugh.

As the phone has not rung, I can assume all is well with my Dad and in Mexico.

At the end of the day, to top it all off, Liam let me snuggle him after he took his final bottle before bed. We rocked and I sang to him until he fell asleep. He's not a very cuddly baby, so this was a very special moment.

Yes, it has been a good Monday.

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mags said...

After many days of mayhem, being treated to a good Monday must have felt like a reprieve.

I am glad you enjoyed it. There will be many more, I know it!